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  I started at 230LB a year ago, now I'm down to 138. Inever thought I'd be writing that weight, even aftermaintaining the weight loss my new goal is to becomehappier with my mental state of mind, the Fourscoreapproach approach to mindfulness and meditation hasbeen a huge help with keeping the weight off —Gina Ambrey
  This is September 2019 to July 2020. Been a good year ofreally accepting that I went downhill into a bad spiral andlosing myself to now gaining myself to now gaining myselfback and staying active and eating healthy again. Want togive a shout out to Fourscore for holding me accountable,the diet was easy to follow and explanations were clear —Jin Yung
Not only did they personalize my workout, but they alsolistened to my issues and tailored my exercises to fit mypersonality. My trainer continually encourages me even ifI don't have a session with them. All of the coaches andemployees were so friendly and supportive! —Ashley Madison

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