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Hey, it’s Coach Greg!

I wanted to congratulate you on taking the first step towards an AMAZING transformation.

Many men and women don’t even take the first step. They KNOW they need to make a change. They KNOW they’ve let themselves go. They KNOW they’re not being a good role model for their friends or children.

But they never act. 
Each morning they wake up, take a look in the mirror, and they’re filled with guilt.

The guilt of letting another day pass by without taking action to take a change.

It’s an ugly trap people fall into.

Luckily, you’ve already avoided this trap.

And you’re on your way to experiencing, what I believe, is the easiest and most effective transformation modality that’s ever been created.

Because you don’t have to do anything except follow the workout program that’s laid out for you.

And as you progress - lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger - you get addicted to seeing those results!
You’re probably really excited.

And I’m excited for you.

But, before you get started, a quick message:

A lot of people who download our programs start seeing results fast and want to know how they can get better results even faster.
I always respond to their messages with this special offer.

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What is the Elite Transformation Accelerator Package?

This is the package of the three most powerful supplements I use everyday. Supplements that can help melt-away fat, give you the extra juice you need to CRUSH your workouts, and give you the fuel you need to recover and build muscle.

Here’s exactly what’s included:

AFTER BURN (Usually $59.99)

AFTER BURN is a high-potency thermogenic fat burner designed to increase your body temperature so that you burn more calories, have more energy, fire-up your metabolism, and increase the presence of natural fat-burning hormones.

AFTER BURN contains scientifically proven ingredients that facilitate the fat-burning process, including EGCG, Coleus Forskohlii, aloe vera, l-carnitine, and much much more.


TESTOSTERONE STORM is an explosive compound for men and women that gives you the juice you need to CRUSH your workouts. With ingredients that are scientifically proven to decrease fat mass, increase lean muscle mass, improve workouts, get you stronger, improve overall virility and much more

WHEY ARMOR (Usually $50.99)

Give your muscles the fuel they need with this expertly-formulated protein powder. WHEY ARMOR is a premium whey blend that has been designed to allow for better absorption and digestion. This way, your muscles quickly receive the fuel they need to recover and grow.
Usually, These Three Supplements Run for $178
But, Since You Downloaded Our Program, You Can Order Them Today for:
Just $134
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Burn Fat. Get Energized. Build Muscle.
What More Can You Ask For?
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